Physical Education

At Trentham Academy we encourage our students to learn through a variety of physical activities. Key skills are developed that prepare them for being active, independent and responsible learners who take part in physical activity regularly and understand the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

 Areas of Study-KS3

Term T1-1st half T1-2nd half T2-1st half T2-2nd half T3-1st half T3-2nd Half
Girls Netball Fitness Swimming Netball Athletics Athletics
Girls Hockey Gymnastics Basketball Hockey Tennis Rounders
Boys Football Swimming Football Gymnastics Athletics Tennis
Boys Rugby Fitness Rugby Rugby Cricket Athletics
Mixed Swimming Basketball Gymnastics Hockey Athletics Cricket
Mixed Hockey Fitness Football Swimming Rounders Athletics

KS4 will have a variety of leisure sports throughout the academic year.


Students in core PE will be assessed using the GCSE PE criteria from Y7-9. Evidence of progress throughout each year will be uploaded to student portfolios on Firefly. Students opting to take GCSE PE will be assessed 30% practically and 70% theoretically. Two theory exams will be completed at the end of Y11. Please see links to AQA exam board for full specification.

Firefly/Extended Learning:

Online PE portfolio’s will be implemented this year to evidence progress. All students will be able to upload evidence of progress & self-evaluation. A variety of resources are available for students in KS3/4 to access to further knowledge and understanding. Students have access to a wide range of enrichment activities to extend their learning.

Links to useful Resources/ Exam Specifications/ Apps:

Extra –curricular activities:

Students from Trentham Academy have achieved success in local, county and national competitions. The department offers a wide range of activities at lunchtimes and after school. These include training sessions, fixtures against other schools, inter-house competitions and Sports Leadership courses. Extra- curricular activities will be displayed around school, on Firefly, in tutor rooms and within the PE Department.