Find attached the resources that you will to assist you with this task.

What you need to complete over the Summer:

•List of all the items that you are going to purchase
e.g.  Major ride x 2     Cost   £50,000 each = £100,000
Remember your budget

•Costs per year – Work our staffing, maintenance costs etc.
Major ride = £500 staff x 2   £1000 x 365 days per year = £365,000
Major ride maintenance = £6000 x 2 = £12,000 x 52 weeks = £624,000

•Work out an entry cost for your theme park and a name of the park. You need to be making money so that it continues to run.

•Produce a drawing of the theme park on the A3 paper. Use the square paper for the rides, vending machines, paths etc.


Trentham Theme Park-Instructions

Trentham Theme Park – Brief & Information