Languages remain important in the multi-cultural and multi-lingual society in which we live. The study of a modern language is seen as extremely beneficial by prospective employers.

The MFL Department is committed to ensuring that all students develop the four key skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing through the study of a variety of topics

All students start by studying French in Year 7. In Year 8 those deemed to be proficient in both English and French will also pick up the additional study of German.

Areas of Study for French

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 7



Self and family Freetime and sports School
Year 8



Healthy and unhealthy living Home, town and region


Year 9



Family and relationships Environment/ poverty and homelessness Jobs and careers
Year 10

(Ks3 topics covered in more detail)


All about me Leisure and the media


School and work
Year 11



Holidays and Tourism Lifestyles Global issues


General revision of all topics

Areas of study for German

Year 8



Self and family

Freetime and sport





Home/town and environment

Year 9



Holidays Environment

Jobs and careers

Poverty and homelessness

Family and relationships

Year 10

(Ks3 topics covered in more detail)


Freetime and the media





Family,friends and relationships

Healthy lifestyles


World of work

Year 11



Home and local area Leisure Revision/consolidation


There are 5 assessment points throughout the year for all year groups. At each assessment point students will be tested on one of the four skill areas (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening)

Firefly/Extended Learning

Extended learning for MFL usually consists of vocabulary consolidation and learning grammatical points covered in lessons

Links to useful Resources/ Exam Specifications/ Apps

Specification Details: AQA French GCSE (4655):

Specification Details: AQA German GCSE (4665):

Useful websites

Useful online dictionary:

Extra –curricular activities

In both Key Stages 3 and 4, students have the opportunity to participate in an educational visit to France, which enriches their skills and enjoyment of learning.

In Key Stage 3 students are able to go to Normandy, visiting famous historical sites and immersing themselves in French culture.

In Key Stage 4 there is an opportunity for students to visit Paris, learning about the capital by visiting the historical monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and by taking a boat cruise on the river Seine and leisurely stroll down the Champs Elysée, the famous shopping street.