Standards In School


All students are required to wear full school uniform which is as follows:

Standard Uniform

Black Blazer (pre-embroidered with badge or can be purchased separately).

Black full length tailored trousers (no jeans, leggings, lycra trousers, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, etc.) to be worn with plain white/grey or black socks.

White shirt (must be long enough to be tucked in. They must also button up to the neck).

Plain black sensible flat shoes

School tie (ties indicate the house to which your child has been allocated by means of a coloured stripe).

Plain black, V-neck jumper (optional). To be worn as well as a blazer, not instead of it. Cardigans must not be worn. Jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts etc. must not be worn under blazers.

No jewellery (other than a watch) may be worn.

No extreme hairstyles and/or colours are permitted.

No visible piercings or tattoos.

Discreet make-up may be worn, but students will be asked to remove it if it is deemed excessive. No nail varnish, false eyelashes or false nails may be worn. Nails must be kept short.

As of 2017-18, the PE uniform is as follows:

  • School rugby shirt
  • Sports Trainers
  • Long black socks (football and hockey)
  • Black or white sports socks (other sports)
  • Black Trentham shorts
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Trentham polo shirt
  • Black Trentham hoodie
  • Shin pads/gum guards (rugby and hockey)

Football boots (boys only)

For swimming lessons:

  • Black or blue swimming costume or shorts
  • Swimming cap
  • Towel
  • Goggles (optional)

The school is unable to insure the belongings of students and cannot therefore accept any liability for the loss of, or damage to, personal property whilst on or left on, the premises.

The following items are available to purchase from the Finance Office during school hours

Ties                        –              £5.00                                     Badges –              £4.00

Basic Equipment

Every student is expected to provide the following basic items of equipment for every lesson:


All students use iPads to enhance their learning. We support you to ensure all students have access to this technology. As digital natives our students are familiar with new technology which provides a wealth of information and resources beyond that which traditional teaching can provide. iPads are an effective learning tool which offers the opportunity to extend learning far beyond the classroom. At Trentham we build technology into the learning experience of our students. We are developing independent learners who demonstrate resilience, responsibility and reflection in their learning habits and we support a creative and collaborative curriculum. iPads are an important part of learning at Trentham High School.

Whilst at school your child will use their iPad:

  • As a research tool
  • To take notes and/or create exam revision materials
  • As an assessment tool
  • To significantly enhance the learning experience

Whilst at home your child may use their iPad:

  • To complete extended learning activities and submit them to a teacher
  • To work collaboratively with their peers on group projects
  • To complete coursework
  • To access the school learning platform and review revision materials


Firefly is the school learning platform. It is used to provide each student with details of extended learning tasks and also contains important school information.  The site can also be accessed by parents/carers who will be able to see details of attendance and A2L scores.

Mobile Phones

At the request of parents/carers, the school allows students to bring a mobile to school. They may only be used in lesson time under the direction of a teacher. They may be used for other purposes during break and lunchtime. Students who feel ill must not use their phone to contact home. They must go to the school office who will call home if necessary. Phones used inappropriately will be confiscated and parents/carers will be asked to collect these from the school office. Parents/carers are asked to support this rule by not phoning their son/daughter during school time.

Headphones are only allowed to be used during break and lunchtime.

Around School

To help to maintain a pleasant and safe environment for everyone, the following rules are in place:

  • Smoking on school premises or in school uniform is not permitted at any time. This includes electronic cigarettes/vapours.
  • For safety reasons, certain areas of school are deemed to be out of bounds. At break and lunch times, students are expected to use only the playground areas.
  • Students will remain on school grounds throughout the school day.
  • Chewing gum and fizzy drinks are not allowed in school.


All students at Trentham High School will have the opportunity to rent a locker. To take advantage of this opportunity a £5 key deposit is required. This deposit will be refunded to your child upon them returning the key at the end of Year 11 when they leave, or earlier if applicable. If your child does not return their key at this time then this deposit will not be returned.