Disadvantaged Students

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Pupil Premium Strategy



In recent years a number of government strategies have focused on narrowing and closing the gap for disadvantaged pupils. In 2011 the Government introduced the Pupil Premium funding; since then there has been a year on year increase in some aspects of the funding that schools receive.

Our aim at Trentham High school is that there will be no difference in performance between disadvantaged students and other students nationally with similar starting points. We are focused on quality first teaching for all students and this gives students from all backgrounds the best possible educational experience. We understand however, that some students need additional support to fulfil their potential. We therefore make use of the Pupil Premium funding to maintain a high standard of teaching and learning and improve intervention strategies for those students who need additional support. Each year we review the strategies and investigate the barriers to learning for disadvantaged students in order to implement the most effective intervention strategies. Our desired outcomes and the strategies to overcome these are listed below.

Summary of key indicators

  2015 2016
PP Progress 8 -0.59 -0.14
Non-PP Progress 8 -0.06 -0.01
PP Average Attainment 8 42.55 40.38
Non-PP Attainment 8 50.59 51.8
PP % A* -C inc Eng/Ma 46.4 30.8
Non-PP % A* -C inc Eng/Ma 62.5 64.5


Pupil Premium 2016/17

 Total £132,100 – 140 students (January 2016 Census)

(Approved by Governors on 22nd November 2016)

Planned Actions/Spend

Actions Cost (£)
Progress Coach x 5 (0.6) 71,559
Learning Support Practitioner (1.0) 19,371
Teacher – Literacy Coordinator (0.2) 10,526
Deputy Headteacher – Tracking & Intervention (0.125) 10,244
Contribution towards Alternative Provision x 6 students 3,500
Ipad Mini Support for Year 7 Intake Sept 2016 6,508
Educational Trips and Visits Support 3,000
Additional Revision Materials 492
Educational Equipment and Resources (Inc Uniform) 3,500
Peripatetic Music Tuition 3,200
Breakfast/After School Club Refreshments 200
TOTAL 132,100


  • Raising Attainment Plan Management group (RMG) half termly meetings. These meetings track progress of targeted groups of students and reports go to Governors Resources Committee.
  • Line Management meetings between Senior Leadership Team and Head of Faculty.
  • Inclusion & Progress meetings, to inform additional interventions to remove barriers to learning.
  • Discussions with Progress Leaders and members of Senior Leadership Team to determine personalized interventions.
  • Line Management meetings between Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for progress of students supported by Pupil Premium funding.
  • Clear identification on teaching staff registers and classroom support plans.
  • Robust monitoring of attendance and intervention strategies.

Evaluation of Disadvantaged students – spend & impact (February ’16)


Pupil premium used for:



Summary of the intervention/





Amount allocated:


Leadership structure



SLT member responsible for PP


Raising awareness in school and improved monitoring and tracking.





Literacy & Numeracy





Implementing and overseeing interventions. Tracking and monitoring of progress.


Regular communication with mentors and tutors to improve progress of students. Targeted interventions in place based on progress data.







Learning mentors




2 members of staff (1 full time, 1 part time) supporting all PP students academically and emotionally.


Improved communication with parents. Targeted support in lessons and in meetings. Pastoral support impacting on confidence and self-esteem.






1:1 English & Maths tutors



Targeted English and Maths support for students at risk of not achieving expected progress.


Interventions in Maths having an impact. Interventions in English need to be more structured – review of 1:1 support in place.






Inclusion & mentoring officers




2 members of staff (both part time) supporting all students emotionally.



Assistance/guidance for students with their social/emotional needs. Pastoral support impacting on confidence and self-esteem.








Revision sessions




Literacy and numeracy support and revision sessions after school


Progress and confidence of students attending sessions regularly is improving – positive responses from parents & students.







Educational resources




Departmental resources provided as requested by SL. Revision/growth mind set sessions provided for all Y10 & Y11 students on SPARK days.



Students provided with equipment and books. Improved learning opportunities.





Hardship fund




Support for uniform, trips, educational visits, sport subs, peripatetic lessons, extra-curricular opportunities.


No student misses out due to financial constraints – all are given the same opportunities. Financial assistance also given to support their social development.






IPad mini support




Providing all students with IPads, insurance and cases


Students can participate fully in 1:1 learning anywhere. This has improved their learning opportunities and confidence as they are fully accepted as equal in all learning environments.






GCSE revision material




Departmental revision guides provided as requested by SL.



Raising attainment and confidence in Years 10 & 11.




Accelerated reader



Renaissance Learning, RM E-Books


Improved literacy skills in Years 7 & 8.




Alternative provision




Unity, Merit provision for students


Students in full time education with appropriate support.



 Total allocated – £128,995