Creative Learning

This is a subject for Year 7 students only. Using Drama and Co-operative Learning techniques, they will explore various social and emotional issues to develop a better understanding of how to work together in High School and beyond.

 Areas of Study

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 7



SEAL – Social and emotional Aspects of Learning


An exploration of our emotions, how they have an impact on our behaviour and how we can regulate them in ourselves and others.

Positive Relationships


An exploration of issues, including bullying, anti-social behaviour and prejudice, to understand how we can work together better as a community.

Employability Skills


Working on the attributes needed to be a good employee; for example communication, body language, team work etc.


The work in these lessons will mostly be practical and collaborative. Students will receive regular feedback on their contributions and Attitude to Learning. They will also take part in peer and self-assessment activities.

Firefly/Extended Learning

At least twice in every unit, students will receive an extended learning task. This will usually be to research a topic or to prepare resources for the next lesson.