Performing Arts, Dance and Drama

Students will study a number of topics, covering the disciplines of Drama, Dance and Performing Arts. Students will creatively and co-operatively work together with the aim of engaging all and promoting excellence in performance.  

The Performing Arts curriculum rests on a firm foundation of encouraging students to experiment, explore and pursue their own interests. Our aim is to enable students to deliver exceptional performances in dance, drama and music.  Students are consistently encouraged to showcase their skills and receive excellent opportunities to do this.

Areas of Study

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 10





Vocal skills

Technical skills



Preparation for mock exam – practice brief


Skills development – Drama, dance & music


Year 11







Preparation exam and moderation


Portfolio completion


In Year 11, students will be assessed using the GCSE AQA criteria. In Year 10, students will be assessed using the VCERTS Level 2criteria. Both these courses include workshops in all disciplines of the Performing Arts as well as theory lessons. Evidence of progress throughout each year will be in students’ workbooks as well as practical evidence that will be uploaded to portfolios on Firefly.

Firefly/Extended Learning

Online portfolios will be implemented to evidence practical progress. Students can upload videos for evidence and self/peer assessment. Students have access to a wide variety of enrichment activities to extend their learning. Regular shows and concerts are held for students to showcase their talents in all areas of the Performing Arts.

Links to useful Resources/ Exam Specifications/ Apps

Extra –curricular activities

Termly school productions/concerts

All extra-curricular activities will be displayed on the website each term.