Business Studies

Areas of Study

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Year 10



Spotting a business opportunity Putting ideas into practise Understanding Economic Content.
Year 11



Marketing Effective finance and people management The wider world effecting businesses


Unit 1 assessed by a 45 minute, multiple choice exam. 25%

Unit 2 (linked to unit 1 theory) is a controlled assessment, whereby students complete one of 5 question tasks. (includes research, analysis and write up. 25%

Unit 3 – 90 minutes exam – section 1 is multiple choice, section 2 and 3 are exam based questions based on a case study. 50%

Firefly/Extended Learning

Work and end of unit tests, along with revision materials and past papers are made available via the subjects firefly page.

Links to useful Resources/ Exam Specifications/ Apps

Extra –curricular activities

Premiere League Enterprise competition in partnership with Stoke City to be completed within the Autumn Term.