Welcome to Centaur, the newest house to become part of Trentham High School;
we are an amalgamation of students and forms from Dragon, Griffin, Salamander
and Phoenix.

Mrs Cooper is our Progress leader along with a fantastic team of form

Our house motto is “Stride forward”, which can be broken down into the qualities
and attributes we expect all of our house members to show and work towards;
strength, truthfulness, resilience, independence, determination and excellence in
their work.

We are hoping to excel in our efforts to win house events that include, weekly form challenges, inter house sports competitions and Sports Day. To do this, we know that we will have to work hard but mostly to work well as a team to ensure we support all of the staff and students.

The Centaur is a mythical creature that was not born but made of magic and
has the very best human merits, which is why we have chosen a creature that
possesses many of the qualities that we look for in our students.

GO CENTAUR!!!centaur_logo