Welcome to Salamander, a house that strives for victory and often gets it. Last year we were delighted to earn the most points overall and be presented with the house cup. The following is a message from the house captains: Tyler and Lily (Year 11 students).

High school can be a very daunting experience for anyone, especially for the new Year 7’s; although Salamander is quite competitive the house is full of friendly, helpful and supportive students and teachers who are easily approachable. Even though the houses are competitive when it comes to the house competitions, we are willing to help each other and are very supportive. We all want to make the school a better place. Mrs. Shaw would be a name to remember as she is our cheerful Progress Leader. She, alongside our great Form Tutors, is responsible for our achievement in all aspects. We are encouraged to ‘be the best that we can be’.

Whatever your interests are there is always a way in which you can contribute to your house. For example, if you are quite sporty then Sports Day will be a perfect opportunity for you to shine, even if you don’t win your contribution will still earn points for your house. Its a bit of fun for everyone!

So that’s a bit about us, we hope you would like to attend Trentham and, if you do, you enjoy your time.



Maddy Keen 1.14                          Rebekah Chesworth 1.7

Alina Griffiths 1.22                      Ben Rogerson 1.7

Natasha Cope 1.3                         Callum Martin 1.7

Jessica Minshull 1.31                  Seren Wlazlo 1.7

Charlotte Perry 1.38

Louisa Morley 1.38

Lily Culham 1.4

Megan Knight 1.46

Hermione Turner 1.5

Olivia Ball 1.54

Cameron Turner 1.62

Charlotte Trevor 1.62

Ella Hickman 1.63

Tyler Pedley 1.64

Sarah Frearson 1.67

Katie Allcock 1.67

Charley Harold 1.67

Libby Finney 1.67

Ellie Bloomer 1.69