PheonixHello! And welcome to Phoenix! High school can be a daunting task for anyone, especially the new year 7’s, but as a united house, we are here for anyone and everyone. Help with homework? Needing information? In phoenix we aim to support, no matter what the question or query. We want all students to feel happy and safe in school, and teachers and students like to do their utmost best to make sure this is established. Our progress leader Miss Meade also happens to be a brilliant geography teacher, another bonus of being in our house! As proven by previous sports days, we are extremely successful at our physical educational events and take pride in our incredibly loud support from the sidelines, showing yet another example of our strong community spirit.
So there you have it! A quick yet informative write up about Phoenix House. Our mythical creature was said to rise from the ashes, and as we do, rise every time.

Phoenix is a house that you should be proud to be part of. They are a fantastic group of pupils who strive for excellence and have achieved outstanding success at sporting competitions and musical talent. Pupils support each other, care for one another and have a common goal to be the best. They are supported by a range of fantastic form tutors who help pupils settle in and help them to achieve their goals.

Progress Leader Miss Meade

The Phoenix is a symbol or renewal, a symbol of a new beginning, they represent the new chances you have and that the end can also be the beginning.

Phoenix Fire

Achievements of Phoenix:

Evie Pearce (Year 7) has set herself the challenge of swimming 2016 lengths of a 25 metre pool in the first three months of 2016 – that’s over 50,000 metres.  She’s raising money for the charity ‘Little Hearts Matter’ – further details can be found at


The boys’ key stage 4 team consisting of Toby Fox, Sam Racey, John Parrish and Aaron Khokhar (pictured below) also became group winners with great individual and doubles performances.

Junior Maths Challenge


Harry Goetzee (silver)
Evie Pearce (silver)

Oliver Dicken (bronze)

Many thanks to the parents of Niamh Washington and to Mr Hussain for passing on the following information.

With places for only 13 children in her age group, Niamh was one out of 2000 applicants that was chosen for the forthcoming West End production. She attended 3 London auditions before being offered a part in The Secret Garden.

She will be performing in August at The Ambassador Theatre in London – West End.


Form Tutors – Miss Wagg, Mr Hussain, Miss Booton, Mr Ablewhite, Mrs O`Connor

Progress Coach: Ms Edwards

Progress Leader: Ms Meade

Prefects – Harriet Teed, John Parrish (Head Boy), Jack Bromfield, Haniya Sharif, Jessica Bowyer, Glen Parrish, Tom Johnson, Calire Moss and Mackenzie Bennet.

House Captains: Jaspreet Devghon and Alex Minshull


MINSHULL Alex 11 PYOC 1.1 1.6
SHAMSI Zaib 10 PDAB 1.2 1.5
PARRISH Glen 11 PIHU 1.29 1.57
PARRISH John 11 PNJA 1.3 1.5
MOSS Claire 11 PYOC 1.3 1.6
SANDERS Katy 10 PEWA 1.33 1.67
BROMFIELD Jack 11 PYOC 1.33 1.78
DEVGON Jaspreet 11 PABO 1.38 2
LEE Harrison 10 PABO 1.38 1.5
PEARCE Evie 8 PABO 1.38 1.46
BIRCH Mollie 11 PEWA 1.38 1.5
NEWTON Megan 11 PIHU 1.43 1.86
TEED Harriet 11 PABO 1.5 1.7
BOWYER Jessica 11 PDAB 1.5 1.75
CHARLTON Melanie 8 PDAB 1.5 1.58
NUTT Felicity 11 PNJA 1.5 1.63
SHARIF Haniya 11 PYOC 1.5 1.63
NIXON Joshua 11 PEWA 1.57 1.86
LAWRENCE Isla 8 PABO 1.58 1.75