Hello, we, Joe Wood and Amy Robinson, are the Dragon House Captains for 2016-2017.

We genuinely believe this year will be our most successful year yet!

Mr Thomas is our Progress Leader, a brilliant PE teacher and a bonus to our House! Especially on Sports day as where Dragon House were just beaten into second place last year!!!!

We have a team of fantastic form tutors who are very supportive and encourage us to be the best we can be; Mr Brown, Miss Antinoro, Miss Matthias, Mrs Warburton, Mrs Hissey and Mr Rochester- they make a brilliant team! We also have a fantastic Progress Coach in Miss Onwuagha. We also have a number of Senior Prefects, Prefects and peer mentors who represent the house phenomenally.

Our House colour is purple; our motto is ‘With Wisdom Comes Power’. We expect each student to show the following attributes and qualities:

To take pride in our appearance and work.

To challenge ourselves and participate in everything we can.

To excel as a house and as individuals.

To be ‘Men and Women of Steel’ and achieve 100% attendance.

Students who follow these attributes and challenge themselves each and every lesson are rewarded for their attitude becoming Dragons’ top 10 students. These students are recognised and their names displayed after each progress point.

We, as Dragon, work together as a team to make sure all form challenges are in each week to gain as many points as possible! On Trentham’s got Talent, we make sure there is a range of different performances by our House so that we are standing out from the rest of the Houses. We push ourselves and as a House to be ‘The best we can be’.




  *A2L Average Score~3 *P10.2
Amy Robinson 1.13
Nathan Brown 1.2
Marianna Bitsaki 1.2
Lucy Pepper 1.33
Chloe Wright 1.38
Danny Sanders 1.38
Ruby Hurni-Heath 1.38
Dawson Bailey 1.4
Joe Wood 1.44
Evie Davis 1.46
Megan King 1.5
Corey Meir 1.5
Patryk Mazurkiewicz 1.5
Jessica Proctor 1.54
Harry Chidlow 1.56
Kai Wetton 1.58
Isabelle Grocott 1.6
Harriette Tooth 1.62
Lauren Hembrow 1.62
Benjamin Wood 1.62