Trentham High School GCSE Results 2016

Results at Trentham continue to follow an improving trend. For the third year running, students have improved both in terms of attainment and overall progress.

There is a significant improvement in the highest grades obtained; nationally, the number of A* and A grades has fallen this year, whilst Trentham have bucked this trend with a 4.3% increase in top grades.

There are some significant individual achievements that are worth highlighting:

  • Anderson Allcock achieved A* grades in all 11 of his subjects, including an A* Distinction in Further Maths.
  • Eleanor Washington also achieved an A* Distinction in Further Maths, along with 9 other A*s and one A.
  • Aaron Khokhar – 10 A* and one A.
  • Laura Watson – 9 A* and 2 As.
  • Phoebe Turner – 7 A* and 4 As.
  • Lissy Eddolls – 6 A* and 5 As.
  • Iesha Lovatt – 5 A* and 6 As.


Michael Owen started canoeing at the age of 6, was the Junior British Marathon Champion at the age of 10, and then decided to focus on one discipline and switched to slalom.  He has competed for England for at least the last 5 years and won the British Canoe Slalom Championships in Glasgow this year for his age group J15 and the Junior 16 group when he had literally just turned 15.

Michael’s long-term goal is to represent his country in Europe and hopefully the world.

This success has come as the result of a great deal of hard work; most weekends have been spent competing and training away from home, all around the British Isles and in Europe. His parents have kept absence requests to a minimum, but he has still had to miss some school sessions.  Bearing this in mind, his GCSE achievements are excellent – he is in the middle of a competition in Scotland, but made a 700 mile round trip to collect his results today – 11 passes, including three As, 6 Bs and 2 Cs.

Joshua Ryder is a talented footballer; he has been involved in academy programmes, firstly with Wolves and later with Port Vale, throughout his time at Trentham High School. This has meant that he has missed at least day at school each week throughout his five years as he has participated in day-release football activities.  He has managed to keep on top of his studies, achieving seven good GCSE passes whilst being taken on as an apprentice by Port Vale.

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