Memorial 2 Memorial 

Bloodiest day of World War One remembered 100 years on at Trentham memorial.

Early on Friday morning, July 1st, Trentham High School students, staff and members of the community held a service to remember the fallen at the Battle of the Somme on the 100th anniversary of the bloodiest day in British military history. Mrs Johnson who had organised the morning provided the following report.

‘Our students really did us proud this morning. It was a very early start but they were in fine voice reading clearly and battling the noise of the traffic. The students involved were:

Jack Watson, Reuben Hookey, Olivia Ball, Ruby Hurni-Heath, Annabelle Woodhouse, John Parrish, Maddie Keen and Chris Mulroy.

I hope it was a fitting tribute from the youth of today to the youth of the past.’


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