The report includes information on your child’s targets as well as their current expected grade at the end of Year 11. Targets are calculated based on a student’s performance at Key Stage 2 and are realistic but include challenge and are reviewed regularly. This will show as gold on the report if it has been increased.

Current expected grades are shown in the assessment point columns – “if a student were to continue to make this amount of progress, this is the grade they would achieve at GCSE”. It is important that students are aware of what they need to do to improve. The A2L grade is a combination of behaviour and effort and reflects our feeling that simply behaving well is not enough if it is not combined with appropriate effort, The Extended Learning grade covers homework tasks set and also additional work that students undertake in order to make progress.

Finally your child’s form tutor will be only too pleased to explain further your child’s report or your child’s education in general.


Parents’ progress leaflet Oct 2015

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