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On Thursday 25th February Year Nine’s watched a performance that was called “Love Hurts”. This performance was based on a sensitive issue to do with relationships. However, it was performed and explained well; this then allowed Year 9 to understand the importance if healthy relationships and where help can be given. The actors put across a lot of emotion and feeling that can be felt during the issue; this put the issue into perspective for Year 9 and just how serious it can be. One of the Year 9 students said “the performance is something I will remember and now I feel like I have a stronger perspective on the matter. After the performance Year 9 were given a workshop to participate in and discuss the performance and any other issues and problems that related to it. This allowed all students to put across their opinion and thoughts on different parts and aspects of the play. Overall, Year 9 thouroughily enjoyed the performance and workshop sessions and have taken away lots of useful information. Thank you to all the performers who put on this production ! H.W Year 9.



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