Year 10 Mathematics Trip to Warwick University

On the 30th November, 12 students from 10XMa1 travelled to Warwick University to listen to 5 people who were going to talk about different elements of mathematics to us. The five different speakers spoke to us about all sorts of things, some being very confusing!

The first speaker taught us about Fermat’s Last Theorem, showing how dedicated someone was to proving the theorem, but my favourite speaker was the man who taught us about code-breaking. He mainly taught us about the Enigma Code in the war and how the Germans used it, and how the British cracked it. Surprisingly, he even brought in an Enigma machine to show us how it works! This speaker was very interesting and caught the attention of every student and teacher sat in the lecture hall.

This experience also made me realise how mathematics is used an awful lot in our day to day lives and can really benefit us in a range of things. This trip gave us the experience of lectures and in the future they will be something we will be having every week if we go to university. I am glad that I had this opportunity and can take away new things that I have learnt and can remember.  Written by Emily Edwards.

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