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IMPORTANT – The insurance is void if the iPad is not in a suitable case. This is especially relevant to Year 8 students.

Please be aware that broken iPad cases must be replaced by parents as they are not covered on the insurance and the school do not have any. We suggest the ‘iPad Mini 360 case’ from Amazon, as this meets the insurance criteria of covering the actual corners of the device as well as the front and back (with hard plastic or similar).

The students in Year 7 have a case that includes a screen protector, as this case does not protect the front of the device. This means the screen protector should be applied and never removed as the insurance is void without it. It is extremely unlikely these cases will get damaged as there is no ‘hinged’ front and they are all encased in one piece of rubber. However if one of these cases gets damaged please take it to Mr Bunyan for assessment, as we are continually trying to improve our scheme.

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