I Am AcrylicAs a member of the James Dyson Foundation Innovation Group, Miss Hully has been developing links with businesses to enhance the delivery of D&T. Year 10 Product Design students benefitted from a project with London-based jewellery company I Am Acrylic using the same hand processes that we have in school.
Students produced a wide range of design ideas using a random word generator and then made one or two products to a high quality finish. Photographs were sent over to I Am Acrylic, who were impressed with all entries but finally decided on three winning categories. The winners are:

Best Design:
Lydia Cheung – Princess and the Pea necklace
Harry Julian -Trio of Iguana brooches
Meg Bird – Apple brooch
Emily Mycock – Cupcake brooch

Use of Techniques:
Tish Carterâ  – Flamingo necklace
Athena Morris – Owl brooch
Becky Williamson – Pineapple necklace

Originality of Design:
Alex Chafe – Parachuting Man necklace
Chloe King – Tooth ring and Envelope brooch
Kieran Martin – Unicorn brooch
Alice Thompson – Globe and Moon necklace
Ellen Wilkes – Birdcage necklace

Students were presented with certificates and I Am Acrylic are now putting the designs from the four students from the Best Design category into commercial production for a limited edition run to be sold through their website, www.iamacrylic.co.uk All profits made from the four items will be donated to charities which will be chosen by our students.
The project is being featured in the Design & Technology Association’s magazine “D&T Practice” and we also hope to feature it in The Sentinel. Well done to all involved!

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