Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 10.17.37 Congratulations to Kieron Martin, Callum Martin and Nina Jepson for their fantastic participation in the Sainsbury’s School Games media team. They were wonderful!

Trentham’s involvement was earned: their right to be included in this prestigious event being obtained by winning a competition. Kieron Martin was responsible for this; he produced a report on the subject of trampolining, using his own video equipment. A measure of the select nature of the event is the fact that only four schools from across the country were represented with a combined total of fifteen students.

This ‘once in a lifetime’ experience included an ‘Open All Area’s’ press pass, which ensured that the students could access every venue and all sports in order to produce the reports. They were included in a Masterclass (which was delivered by BBC’s Matt Slater) ensuring that these young students had the skills and information necessary to be successful in the media industry.

An exceptionally successful few days and a memorable experience for all.

The reports are available to watch on the web at and

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